Narcisse Akou

Narcisse Akou also known as Loba is a guitarist. His distinction lies in the subtle eclectism of his playing
He shows a musical depth, a technical ease and a degree of stylistic eclectism.
Recordings include "March Dance" "Live in Detroit".
Loba is an innovator of african guitar ,he mixes easily african, jazz, brazilian ,latin and spanish styles that make sens,His playing is natural and flowing ,the core of his music is african .You can't doubt his mastery of the instrument.
A very discreet guitarist and musician who deserves wider recognition .
He has performed with such players as Oliver Lake in Africa,his Detroit connections allowed him to meet and play with Marcus Belgrave, James Carter, Marion Hayden, Gayelinn McKinney
among others .
In Chicago he met Bobby Broom a jazz guitarist and brazilian drummers Alejo Poveda and Ruben Alvarez
also drummer Vanderlay in new york city
and many more
The truth about african guitar is that it is almost unknown to the West
Africa has such great players ! unknown to America
.Detroit is the place where he met  with several jazz personalities including teacher Sam Sanders, Sonny Rollins  ( Sonny Rollins interview for Ivoir Soir) , Kenny Burell  ( Interview for I voir Soir ) . 
 When I first came to Detroit I met and played with a lot of players fwho where living in the city some of them were James Carter,  Vieux Diop, Dave Brandon,Emile Borde, Alex Brooks, Roy Brooks , to name a  few 
It is Time!
A gig in Chicago
at Lonie's Underground in august 2002 
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